Benefits of Individual and Corporate Memberships

The Individual Benefits

  • Opportunity      of being a member of the fastest growing transectoral Professional      Institute in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Professional      recognition and independent endorsement of professional members’ ability      to deliver results, translating their experience into something employers      understand.
  • A      means of differentiation, setting professional members apart and enhancing      their career prospects within and beyond their current role.
  • Parity      with other Chartered professionals.
  • Access      to networks of like-minded individuals in similar leadership roles and all      the resources, information and guidance needed to be the best.
  • Validation      of competence and professionalism at both operational and strategic      levels.
  • Exposure      to modern practical management methods and techniques to enhance      professional members’ management knowledge/skills.

The CIDSS qualification is indeed the next logical step for individuals and organization seeking:

  • Formal      recognition of capability.
  • Promotion/new      employment.
  • Ongoing      development of management skills / ability

The Organization – What is in it for the organization?

The potential benefits of Members in organizations will enable the organizations to achieve:

  • Profitability – Skilled Development and      Social Experts that deliver tangible impact and improved bottom-line      performance.
  • Increased      business     – Reassuring stakeholders of the quality of your personnel,      differentiation in a competitive market.
  • Ongoing      success     – Managers actively taking opportunities to lead and drive the business      forward.
  • Confident      and Effective Development      and Social Experts – Development and Social Experts who understand their      personal strengths and have confidence in their abilities.
  • Talent   and Succession Management – a meaningful measure of ability.
  • Return  on Investment     – Proof that investing in your personnel delivers results.
  • Currency  of Ability     – Ensures ongoing development of skills to deal with organizational      challenges and global development issues.

Other Benefits

  • Corporate establishments can also      access cost-effective management development support for their      organizations through CIDSS corporate membership. As a Corporate member,      your organization will enjoy the following value-added benefits;
  • Capacity building and training      support for your employees at reduced rates ensuring that your work force      is always up-skilled
  • Research and consultancy services      on current and perceived future organizational and global issues with a      view to improving organizational competencies and productivity.
  • Opportunities for your employees to      attend seminars, conferences and workshops at reduced rates, exposing and      enabling them to learn and contribute to leading thoughts in your sector      and industry
  • Free six months’ advertisement of      your products and/or services on CIDSS’s web site, exposing you to over 10,000,000      ‘opportunity to see’ our potential clients/customers