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The Chartered Institute of Development and Social Studies is a multi-disciplinary institute that focuses on the core issues of socio-economic development and social cohesion for the promotion of national consciousness and patriotism and the general well-being of the citizenry in line with the core tenets of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Chartered Institute of Development and Social Studies (CIDSS) is a professional and educational body established preliminarily through registration with Plateau State Government with a bill HB 18.06.1492 No 36 enacted by the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Institute was established primarily to fill the gaps in the specialist professional disciplines of development practice and socioeconomic research thereby complementing the novel contributions of individual, academia and other professional bodies in enhancing the development of the society. The evolving highly competitive global economic scenario with its demand for top flight efficiency and effectiveness have made it essential for specialist professional focus on development and social studies as in the case already in the more advanced countries and a number of emerging economies of the world.

Established as an independent, non-political, non-religious international body, the Institute is governed by the Board of Trustees and Executive Council (EXCO) and recognizing that development and social studies is a multi-disciplinary field, we also work closely with other specialist Institutes and associations across the world and seek to represent an increasingly broad and diverse set of stakeholders. The membership is drawn from industry, commerce, consultancy, public sector and government services. In addition to setting professional standards, the Institute provides opportunities for short-term training and certifications to persons desiring to professionalize in fields of development and social studies. CIDSS was established to champion the process by which nations improve the economic, political and social wellbeing of their people through infrastructural provision, education, occupation and skills acquisition, improved incomes and standard of living. The process that fosters the creation of growth, progress, positive change and in addition  demographic, physical, economic, environmental and social changes for the advancement of man’s wellbeing which are seen to be grossly lacking in families, communities, associations and government at all tiers and levels and the result is the decadence in values, community conflicts and gross infrastructure inadequacies.

The institute came into being in March 2018 resulting from some experts from different disciplines in development and social studies converging to brainstorm and identified the many problems and challenges of development facing Nigeria, Africa and the world over. The Institute has created great opportunities to core professionals to harness wide range of benefits of belonging to multidisciplinary professional association and or institutes in Nigeria and other parts of the world. 

Apart from plans to establish presence in other parts of the world, the Institute is to be affiliated and will go into partnership with Institutes with similar vision and mission in America, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Ghana and other parts of the world.

Our Aim and Objectives include:

i. Creating a platform for meaningful discourse on citizen-based developmental issues

ii. Developing a roadmap for sustainable social interaction and cohesion

iii. The promotion of national consciousness, patriotism and good neighborliness

iv. Promoting awareness and advocacy in areas of leadership roles and responsibilities for national development

v. Promotion of research on sustainable national values and corporate identity

  1. Provide forum for new      methodologies in research, governance,  advocacy      and regional integration, peace and conflict resolution.
  2. Provide platform for the award      of membership and fellows of the Institute to deserving members of the public      after meeting the requirements      presented for membership, fellowship and other awards.
  3. Organize and provide professional      training and certification in the specialized areas of Development and      Social Studies.
  4. Professionalize development      and social studies with a commitment to raising great leaders for use in      all sectors of the economy.
  5. Promote the art and science in the areas      of development and social studies.
  6. Integrate culture and ethical standard in      the specialist areas of development and social studies and practice.
  7. Imbibe professionalism in both the      private and public sectors of the economy for efficiency and effectiveness      in line with global best practices.
  8. Do all such things that are necessary to      promote the practice of development and social studies.
  9. Contribute through research      and professional practices towards solving various scientific,      developmental, environmental, socio-cultural and other problems of our      society and the world at large.
  10. Train and produce experts      equipped with requisite skills not only for public services but also for      private sector and self employment through her training arm, International      Centre for Research in Development and Social Studies, ICRDSS.
  11. Train practitioners in      different fields of development and social studies who are creative,      imaginative, well prepared, humble and dedicated to serving humanity at      global, national and local level.
  12. Contribute to high quality      developmental and social research through publications and other forms of      knowledge dissemination through Journals, books, newsletters in related      fields of academic and  social  research.

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To be the EPITOME and CITADEL of Development and Social Studies 


To Promote Excellence in Development Research and Social Cohesion 


Strengthening structures for social cohesion


Membership of CIDSS is ideal for professionals looking for innovative and affordable ways to develop their career. CIDSS membership status provides recognition of competency and commitment to management development as a professional manager. You can join the CIDSS if you are committed to making a difference in your personal development, organization, or team. This brings a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, while benefiting from a wide range of resources, support services and career enhancement alongside professional recognition.

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