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CIDSS at abuja

Chartered Institute of Development Studies proffers solutions to Nigeria's myriad problems


From Emmanuel Adeyemi,


Worried by the slow pace.of  development in Nigeria, the Chattered Institute of development and social studies recently gathered eminent scholars and professionals of various disciplines and  backgrounds to  identify and  discuss  various  reasons why Nigeria  pace of development was very slow and proffer solutions on what needed to be done so that Nigeria could actually be recognized as 'the giant of Africa'

The occasion was the maiden induction ceremony for new members and conferment of Fellowship  and award of honours conferred on reputable Nigerians who have excelled in their chosen field of endeavours held at Kapital club and apartment, Asokoro, Abuja.

The occasion which was chairman by Prof Mathew Rotimi Ajayi, former Vice Chancellor Landmark University  , Omuaran and Dean of social sciences Federal University, lokoja had the theme: "Sustanable  growth and development as panacea to problems of social disconnect"

The Chattered Institute of development and social studies is a multi- disciplinary institute  that focuses on the core issues of socio economic development and social cohesion  for the promotion of national consciousness and patriotism and the general well being of the citizenry in line with the  core tenets of the Sustainable Do Goals.

The institute identified five  major  problems confronting the country, namely national identity, corruption, inequality , poverty and insecurity and said until these problems are addressed the country may just be sliding into more deeper problems that may affect the corporate existence of the country.

On national identity,the institute said some of our leaders have consistently used the issue of  tribe and religion to cause  more division among the people so as to meet and satisfy their selfish means saying ordinary Nigerian does not care where he comes from or the religion he belongs to , if he could meet the basic things of life.

The institute frowns at some policies of government which play premium on where one comes from before he is being considered for  an appointment saying merit should be the focal point not state of origin or religion.

Citing US as an example, the Institute said  Nigerians must henceforth embrace patriotism and selflessness and make Nigeria first in all we do rather than promoting tribe and religion

On corruption, the institute said anything that is not done rightly is corruption stressing that corruption starts from the  little little things we fail to do within our nucleus family and not necessarily on financial misappropriation and embezzlement   .

While proferring stiffer punishment for those found culpable, the institute believes that  every body is capable of fighting corruption no matter how small, and therefore said the issue must not be left in the hands of government alone.

On the issue of  poverty , the institute identified non continuity of programmes and policies of previous governments by the incumbent as major source of Policy summersault which it says invariably affects the standard of living of Nigerians.

While urging the various tiers of government to embark on programmes  and policies that will have direct impact on the common man on the street,it also advised government to stop what it called cut and paste Policy.

On inequality and insecurity, the institute said anywhere in the world where there is pronounced inequality and or insecurity, it will be difficult for development to take place and urged the president  


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